Debra Baehr, MD

Professional headshot of Dr. Debra Baehr gynecologist at Louisiana Women's Healthcare

Dr. Debra Baehr currently practices in Baton Rouge. Dr. Baehr believes that preventive care is crucial in staying healthy, and advocates for women to remain well-informed on their gynecological health at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare.

An LSU School of Medicine – New Orleans graduate, Dr. Debra Baehr, MD is a board-certified fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She completed her OB/GYN residency through her alma mater, LSU.

Currently, Dr. Baehr only provides gynecology services, a focus that helps target the unique needs of her client base. Dr. Baehr’s medical care is personalized, as she believes in forming relationships with her patients. She makes a point to recognize each face as they return for annual visits and remember their concerns. Like the other physicians at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare, she prides herself on her patient focus.

Louisiana Women’s Healthcare provides services to the majority of women in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. That gives Dr. Baehr the chance to bring her expertise to many females of all ages as they evolve through the different stages of their lives.