Cancer Screening

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Cancer screening is a normal part of your annual well-woman appointment at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare.  During your visit, your gynecologist can perform a breast exam and Pap smear. These help to test for breast cancer and cervical cancer.  Many cancers can be treated successfully, or at least kept in check, if caught early enough. 

What kinds of cancer screenings can my gynecologist perform?

Clinical Breast Exams & Mammography
Breast self-exams combined with annual clinical breast exams, mammography, and genetic testing are important tools in the fight against breast cancer.  The physicians of Louisiana Women’s Healthcare are highly-skilled in performing thorough clinical breast exams that can detect lumps and abnormalities in breast tissue.  In addition, we, along with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, also recommend annual mammograms beginning at age 40 (or earlier for our high-risk patients).

Gynecological Cancer Detection

  • Cervical cancer: While there are five types of gynecologic cancers (cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar) only cervical cancer has a screening test, the Pap test (or Pap smear). We provide yearly Paps for all of our patients to screen for cervical cancer so we can find it early when treatment can be most effective.
  • Uterine cancer: When you begin menopause, your physician at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare will inform you of the risks and symptoms of uterine cancer, including abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, as well as pelvic pain and pressure. Some women require yearly endometrial biopsies.
  • Ovarian cancer: While there aren’t any cancer screening tests available for ovarian cancer, your doctor checks your ovaries during your pelvic exam. Additionally, the doctors at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare rely on the common symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, and a change in your urinary symptoms to help them detect ovarian cancer.
  • Vaginal and vulvar cancer: Like ovarian cancer, there are currently no cancer screening tests available for vaginal and vulvar cancer. Therefore, the best way to find out if you have these types of cancer is to get regular check-ups, which include a pelvic exam that allows your doctor to look for lumps or changes in your vagina, as well as changes in the skin of your vulva.

Breast and gynecological cancer screenings in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Don’t skip out on your annual well woman exam. It’s an important part of caring for your health, now and in the long-term. Breast exams and pap smears can tell you if something is abnormal long before troubling symptoms you can’t ignore develop.  If you need a cancer screening, whether it’s time or because you’re experiencing symptoms, call or make an appointment at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare today online, through MyOchsner, or by phone (225) 201-2010. 

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