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Many couples expect their relationship to naturally progress to the birth of a child. Unfortunately, one in every five couples experience infertility problems. While infertility can be emotionally stressful and damaging, there are medical treatments that can give many couples hope of conception. The physicians at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare can help you understand the causes of your infertility and offer guidance as you embark on your pregnancy journey.

What is infertility?

Infertility is the condition of being unable to conceive a child or bring a pregnancy to full term.  You’re going through infertility if you can’t conceive despite having frequent, unprotected intercourse for at least a year. Infertility may be traced to you, your partner or a combination of factors.  

What causes infertility in women?

As women age their fertility declines. Other causes or contributing factors of infertility in women including:

  • Tobacco use
  • Excess alcohol use
  • Obesity and excess body weight

When should I speak to my OB/GYN about infertility?

If you and your partner have been trying to become pregnant for more than a year without success, you should speak to your doctor about the possibility of fertility testing. Likewise, if you are older than 35 and have been trying for more than six months, it is time to have a conversation with your OB/GYN at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare. 

What are the different treatments for infertility?

The right treatment for infertility depends on what’s causing your infertility, how long you’ve been infertile, your age, and other factors. For women, infertility treatments usually begin with medication. There are also other procedures, such as in-vitro fertilization, which can attempt to complete the fertilization outside the human body, and artificial insemination, which attempts to complete fertilization inside the body.

Expert help for infertility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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