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Natural Childbirth

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Natural childbirth, also known as unmedicated birth, is a popular choice for many women who wish to fully experience labor and delivery. It means a vaginal delivery without pain medication or medical intervention. Louisiana Women’s Healthcare supports your choice for how you would like to experience the delivery of your baby, and the team stands ready to encourage and assist you as your baby makes its way into the world.

Who is a candidate for natural childbirth?

You are a good candidate for a natural childbirth if you:

  • Want to avoid the side effects of medications
  • Want to fully experience the birth of your baby
  • Desire to decrease the chances for medical intervention
  • Are considered full-term or 37 weeks pregnant
  • Have had a pregnancy without complications

When should I choose not to have a natural childbirth?

If your doctor at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare believes you are at risk for complications, natural childbirth may not be right for you. Some of the factors that may indicate you’ll need medical intervention are that you:

  • Are pregnant with more than one baby
  • Have a baby in the breech position
  • Developed preeclampsia or gestational diabetes during pregnancy
  • Are a Group B strep carrier
  • Are preterm or less than 37 weeks pregnant
  • Are overweight

Discussing natural childbirth with your physician

If you are thinking about having your baby naturally, your physician at Louisiana Women’s Healthcare will help you understand the benefits and risks of natural childbirth so that you can make an informed decision.  To learn more about natural childbirth and determine if it’s right for you, schedule an appointment online, through MyOchsner, or by phone (225) 201-2010.

New Patients

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